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Honorary Crew Page

A lot of people have helped with the Signal in the past, or continue to help behind the scenes. These are our honorary crew:

David Moore
Writer and Voice Talent

David Moore lives near Chicago with his wife and two daughters, one of whom has been dubbed "Little Browncoat" for her singing of the Firefly theme song. Aside from that accomplishment, David is an avid role player, reader and Flash developer. He does other things, but you don't want to hear about that do you?

He found Firefly when it was first on television in the US, but came in late and so only saw three episodes. He found it again when a friend got to go see the Serenity pre-screening in Chicago (lucky dog). Since then, he became a strong Browncoat.

When the Serenity RPG came out, he didn't see anyone really running games for it, or a living campaign being run at conventions, and so he started his own with help from his wife and some friends: After Serenity. He also created the After Serenity podcast to go along with the game to help players get into character and keep people up to date with the people and events that happen in the game.

You can also listen to David as co-host on other podcasts: After Serenity and The Game Master Show

Or visit his blog

J. D. Ravatt
Voice Talent and Editor

J.D.Ravatt lives in the Pacific Northwest has been doing film and theater projects since he was 12. Although his early works with a camera were for his own enjoyment and lacked any understanding of the Aristotelian unities, his subsequent work has shown some improvement. After taking a seven year hiatus from the arts to pursue a computer career, he returned to College and received a B.A. in Theater Arts with a Directing concentration. Over his 20 years career he has worked as a stunt performer, actor, director, fight choreographer, voice over talent, set designer, lighting operator, sound operator, flunky, thug, goon, and henchman.

He was introduced to Firefly by a friend who is always trying to get him to try new things (Ewwww.....) and has subsequently converted several people. His current sets of DVD's are on loan, but if you ask nice he can add you to the Queue.

He aspires to be the first person to simultaneously: sword fight, direct, act, operate a light board, and drive a motorcycle through a plate glass window.

Trampas Whiteman
Writer, Voice Talent

Trampas Whiteman hails from the frontier lands of Missouri, 'round the Kansas City area. Named after the western character Trampas from The Virginian and raised on a horse farm, westerns ran through his blood. As a young child, he became a sci-fi fan with shows like Star Trek and Star Wars. It's only natural that he would eventually become a Browncoat.

Trampas is the co-founder of the The Dragonlance Nexus, and has co-authored several Dragonlance role-playing game books, including Holy Orders of the Stars and Knightly Orders of Ansalon.

Trampas writes Gaming in the 'Verse, a segment dedicated to role-playing games in the Serenity 'verse. Inspired by Tracy Hickman's Adventures in Serenity segment, Gaming in the 'Verse will give tips and tricks on playing characters and enhancing your Serenity gaming experience.

Kevin Bayer

Kevin Bayer (aka CapnFatPants) lives in Evansville, Indiana with his wife and their 3 children. When he's not watching Firefly, Star Wars, or the Stargates, he enjoys reading, napping, listening to podcasts, and playing Guild Wars.

Kev is the content manager for the intranet where he works, and is on the board of directors of the newly formed 911Lifeline.org.

Kev's background includes a degree in communications, 7 years of radio and television, and 11 years of dispatch experience in both in the civilian and public safety fields. Kev has been a Public Safety Communications Supervisor for the past 9 of those years.

Carolyn Parkinson
Writer and Voice Talent

Carolyn Parkinson's primary job at The Signal is writing features that others read. However, she also does some voice work, like Season 2's "Sci Fi Reviews." Also, any time you hear a detached, computer-style voice, that's probably her.

Carolyn has a bit of a background in writing and editing, having worked at small publishing companies and trade associations, as well as doing some freelance writing. She is currently embarking slowly but surely on a freelance career.

It took her a while to get into firefly, but after repeated urging by her husband, she eventually became a die-hard fan. She says that she "looks like Inara, but has the personality of Kaylee."

Brian Wiser
Newshound and Forum

Brian is passionate about music, film, art, science fiction, technology and Macintosh. His travels have taken him throughout Europe and the United States, where he has enjoyed meeting new people and being immersed in different cultures and history.

Being a passionate devotee of the dithyrambic genius of Joss and Firefly, he made the quest to Universal and became an extra in Serenity. He has been instrumental in soliciting charitable donations for Equality Now for Browncoat tables at Comic-Con, WonderCon and Dragon*Con.

Brian manages FireflyMovie.com (aka SerenityMovie.net), reporting news and providing public relations. He is the producer of the Firefly documentary and soundtrack “Done the Impossible.” (DoneTheImpossible.com)

Scheduling, promotion and marketing have afforded him the great privilege of interviewing and getting to know fans and cast. Meeting Joss and the actors was the experience of a lifetime. Their graciousness and generosity was not to be believed. Managing the business relationship with contributing musicians and sponsors was also very rewarding.

He values the friends he has made through the Firefly family. Carpe Diem!

Kent LaFavers
Editor and Voice Talent

Kent is more or less a native of Atlanta, Georgia, USA. His family moved there when he was 2 and now he lives in a northern suburb called Canton. Married with 3 children- 22, 20, and 14, his family indulge him in his hobbies of music, Science-Fiction/Horror, Buffy, Angel, and of course, Firefly.

In real life Kent is a Systems Administrator with a very popular American soft drink company. He plays bass guitar and sings harmony. Other hobbies include bowling, cars, and barbeque. His dog Milo is his dearest friendwww.myspace.com/milo_the_dog. In early 2008, Kent joined the Buffy Between The Lines podcast as an editor and occasional voice actor. Still craving more, he has joined The Signal, Angel Between The Lines, and Geek By Night. Kent owns every episode of Angel and Firefly, and is working his way through the Buffy episodes via Netflix.

You can follow him on twitter at twitter.com/lafavers or on myspace.com/voice_talent.

Clay McClure
Writer and Voice Talent

Clay claims she can cook just about anything. She has been a culinary professional for the last fifteen years and is currently working as a pastry chef in central Kentucky. She loves the history and culture of cuisine and writes about food and other stuff in her spare time.

Clay spent the fall of 2003 as a baking apprentice in Germany. She had heard about Firefly and was looking forward to catching up on the show when she came home. She saw "the Train Job" right before she left the US and "Objects in Space" right after she returned, and that was it. Needless to say, watching the DVD set was a thrill and answered a lot of questions. She quickly became a fanatic.

Jeremy Neish
Newshound and Forum

Jeremy grew up in Utah and has been a techno-geek his whole life, going back to the original Atari game machine (before they called it the 2600). His passions include: Macintosh, DVD, video production, scuba diving, audio books, mexican food and of course all things Joss. His "day" job is DVD authoring and production. His company has created DVD features for: Blade Trinity, The Mask, Freddy vs. Jason, Dumb & Dumber, Die Another Day, Barbershop, Planet of the Apes and X-Men. But sadly, he was unsuccessful in convincing either Fox or Universal in letting his company be involved in the Firefly or Serenity DVDs. Jeremy lives with roommates at his house in Provo, Utah and is a happy bachelor (but is accepting applications to change that).

Jeremy (aka JeremyN, DVDGuy, jaysedai) has been an active member of the Firefly community since before it first aired in 2002, he runs the website: www.FireflyMovie.com (aka www.SerenityMovie.net) and is the Director of the upcoming fan documentary "Done the Impossible" (www.DoneTheImpossible.com). On the official Universal site, he's #2 on the Top 10. A partial list of what he's done in the name of Firefly fandom can be found here.

He's decided he's either a super fan or completely nuts (probably both).

Jeremy wishes he could take more credit for the excellence of "The Signal" but mostly he just helps gather news and offers use of his messageboard for discussions related to the podcast.

Rich Adams
Writer and Voice Talent

Rich is sometimes known as the "Ancient One," not due to any innate wisdom, but simply because he's so damned old he remembers when Eisenhauer was president of the US.

A continual student, he's picked up degrees in music, biomedical electroncis, mathematics, general science, composition, and most recently, a Masters in Medieval and Renaissance Literature. He's currently studying art. He speaks several languages due to his seedy background in the military and is currently working in his dream job

Rich occasionally contributes written pieces to the program. He came to Firefly by way of the DVDs, since only considers a television to be a monitor for VHS and DVD.

Tracy Hickman
Writer and Voice Talent

Tracy Hickman: (www.trhickman.com)

'Dragonlance' originators Tracy and Laura Hickman have been publishing game designs and stories together for over twenty-five years - nearly as long as their marriage. In fact, it was Laura who introduced Tracy to the Dungeons and Dragons game - and thus started them both on a life of adventure and imagination. Tracy is a New York Times Best-Selling co-author (with Margaret Weis) of many Dragonlance novels including the original 'Dragonlance Chronicles', 'Dragonlance Legends', 'Rose of the Prophet' and 'Darksword' trilogies as well as the seven-book 'Deathgate Cycle'. Tracy and Laura are remembered together for their role-playing game designs in 'Dragonlance' and the 'Oasis of the White Palm' series but are perhaps best known for their classic adventure, the original 'Ravenloft.' Life now has provided them the opportunity to fulfill a dream: to write novels together, beginning with their first joint fantasy trilogy - 'The Bronze Canticles'. Tracy and Laura live in St. George, Utah working from adjoining offices in their home.

Tracy and Laura both consider themselves to be browncoats. Tracy is a contributor to the 'Serenity' role playing game by Margaret Weis Productions and both Tracy and Laura are writing adventure supplements for that game as well. Tracy is particularly proud to contribute whenever he can to 'The Signal.'

Tracy and Laura also produce 'Dragonhearth', their own monthly podcast exploring the realms of imaginative fiction and games, their creation and craft. Everything from advice and tools for fiction writers, game design techniques to exploring fantasy and science-fiction settings

Lindsay Techel

Lindsay lives in North Carolina with her 3 kids... the four legged furry kind. She works as a computer programmer and also does freelance web design and programming. As a random side note, she's also getting certified as a dog trainer.

Lindsay came to the Firefly verse after being an avid Buffy fan. Seeing that Joss had created another show, she bought the Firefly dvd and was hooked. Other shows she enjoys include Stargate, Charmed, Star Trek, and Xena.

When not working or watching Firefly, Lindsay enjoys volunteering with the local Golden Retriever Rescue Group, hiking/camping, finding new and interesting podcasts, and playing rugby.

Doug Moran
Writer, Voice Talent

When Doug is asked "Where are you from?" he usually answers either, "Uh...," "Most recently, you mean?" or "The Northeast," which is about as specific as saying "The Western Hemisphere." The fact is, after kicking around Connecticut, New Hampshire, Long Island, and northern Virginia, the longest Doug stayed any place was the 12 years he spent in Santa Cruz, California. His caustic sense of humor precludes saying he is a Santa Cruzan, however, so he usually says, "Uh..."

With a Computer Science degree in his hot little hands and a modicum of writing ability, Doug somehow fell into a career as a technical writer in the computer biz, which allows him to work from his current home in Austin, Texas, be with his two kids, and still get in plenty of time watching Firefly, playing with A/V software, and hitting the frisbee golf courses nearby. Doug's insanely tolerant wife (who once encouraged him to buy a sports car so as to preclude any midlife adulterating) fluctuates between living with his weird hobbies and urging him to engage in them even more, which helps explain why he is so inordinately fond of her.

Doug also performs audio editing for Tales from the 'Verse, writes gadget reviews for Gear Diary, and is a staff member for Tapland. Only his insomnia, and Sami's aforementioned patience, allows him to keep up.

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