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The Crew Page

You all know Les and Kari, and maybe a couple of other voices you hear occasionally. But behind the scenes there's a whole load of other people who are just as interesting and every bit as important to the running of The Signal. These are they:

Kevin Bachelder
Voice Talent/Newshound

Kevin lives just south of Boston, MA in the US. He first became interested in sci-fi by watching the original Star Trek series in reruns during the early 70's. Along with Firefly the other popular sci-fi and fantasy topics he enjoys are Farscape, Buffy, Charlie Jade, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, The Matrix and The X-Files to name just a few.

He works on several other podcasts - Firefly Talk, The ScapeCast, Tuning Into Scifi TV, Dragon*Pod and the Charlie Jade podcast.

He also runs the SaveBloodTies.org website

Kevin has worked as a computer network support engineer for many years. Between his strong interest in sci-fi and computers Kevin says he is a "true geek".

When he isnít watching SciFi or dealing with computer issues Kevin enjoys spending time with his lovely wife and two daughters.

Wayne Hutchinson
Editor and Voice Talent

Wayne is a full time North Atlanta resident where he spends his time at home with his lovely wife Melissa of 16 years and his 3 kids Jake 15, Sarah 11, and Alex 7. He also has 2 dogs named Luke and KayleeFrye that round our his family circle

During the daylight hours Wayne can be found hiding amongst the clones in Corporate America spending a great deal of each day making Bill Gates and Steve Jobs more rich than they were the day before...and they don't even share...sigh.

Wayne's Interests include Playing and listening to music, singing, movies, TV, reading, writing, hiking, running, tattoos, telling stories, motorcycles, guitars, exotic beers, strong coffee, Celtic Mythology and symbology, Asian culture, and oh yes....Computers!....especially online games and editing video. You can find Wayne at Dragon*Con every year making sure that the Joss Whedon name is being proclaimed upon high by running the Whedon Universe track.

Wayne is also the co founder and webmaster of www.whedonuniverse.com and contributes to the site's fan zone on a regular basis in the form of TV and Movie reviews along with the occasional fan video and episode transcript.

Wayne is an avid podcast fan and a regular subscriber to these and several other Podcasts: The Signal, Firefly Talk, MacBreak Weekly, Slice of SciFi, This Week in Tech, Cranky Geeks, Dragon*Pod, Dragon In Georgia, The Totally Rad Show, DiggNation, Web Drifter, Tekzilla, The Tech Guy with Leo Laporte, Net@Nite, The Battlestar Galactica Podcast with Ron Moore, Internet Superstar, Buzz Out Loud, Learn to Speak Spanish, Tuning into SciFi TV

Merry King
Producer and Writer

Merry lives near Seattle and is currently working part-time for an online bookstore while pursuing a career in education, but considers herself a writer at heart.

She found Serenity off of a random recommendation, and then fell head-over-heels for Firefly and her crew of motley criminals, and most often shows that love by writing both non-fiction and fiction in homage. Books were her first love, but Firefly helped her expand her horizons to watching more "popular" science fiction shows, and she has since fallen for many of them. Firefly also introduced her to the wonderful world of podcasts, of which she is now suscribed to over 40.

Outside of the media world and writing, she enjoys reading, cooking, gardening, and music. She has never met a history or language book she didn't like.

Claire Musso
Editor/Voice Talent

Claire lives in Cambridge, Massachusetts (US) with her girlfriend and cat. She studied writing and film history in college and so, naturally, ended up working as a database analyst & admin. She is currently working as a consultant for a non-profit fundraising tech company.

As for the important stuff: she has been a Whedon fan since Buffy Season 1 and a Firefly fanatic since attending a midnight marathon screening at her beloved Coolidge Corner Theatre in Sept of 2005. She is thrilled to be a part of creating the Signal.

Nick Edwards

Nick (Lemming on some boards) bumped into Jill and Kari at a Shindig and to his amazement, on the basis of some minimal audio work, was offered a place on the Crew! (Iím sure the begging letters had nothing to do with it.) Since being thrown in at the deep end back in Season 3, he's done most types of articles as well as writing and acting in Badger's World. As well as learning "on the job" how to audio edit, he has been a regular show producer from the start of Season 4

Nick has been married to Joy for 19 years and they have 4 kids, all of whom are Browncoats too (and who sometimes get roped into recording stuff for The Signal). In between dealing with a large family and assorted pets and watching DVDs of Firefly, Buffy, Angel, Heroes, Northern Exposure, Dr Who, BSG, all the usual geeky suspects and films, Nick somehow finds time to be a mad scientist, ride motorbikes, read SF and comics, hang out on Browncoat boards and the Larry Niven mailing list, go to Shindigs, drink beer, do Archery, play the guitar, do the odd bit of RPGing, drink more beer (good whiskey, decent port, decent wine, home made Sloe Gin, I have a wide taste in stuff that potentially makes you fall over :-) and very occasionally gets to do his favourite thingÖsleep. Becoming involved in podcasting and other audio projects is the latest masochistic attempt to finally eliminate that last thing.

Nick lives in a village just outside Banbury in Oxfordshire in the UK and doesnít miss London one gorram bit (apart from going there to do fun stuff). He has also written for and sometimes takes part in the UK Firefly Podcast, Sending A Wave. Latest audio drama podcastery madness is playing Spike in Buffy Between The Lines, doing a cameo as James Bond in Lara Bond: Face of Gold (Bonus Show), as well as doing some other audio editing and playing various parts in Dark Places. He has also done a few other bits and pieces like reading emails on the Whedonverse podcast, Joss'd and very ocassionally discussing Whedon related stuff on the newer Whedon based chat 'cast, Let's Talk Joss.

Jill Arroway
Writer and Editor

Jill Arroway grew up on the Scottish island of Stornaway, where she made a meagre living sewing lobsters onto the chief fishmonger's buttocks. Believing this was not the life for her, she left in search of wild adventure and screaming. She spent several years in Transylvania trying to get bitten by a vampire, an ambition which she sadly failed to achieve at the time, although ironically she did achieve it many years later, after she'd moved back to England and started eating garlic pizzas. Her favourite hobbies include computer science, experimental mathematics, and dressing up as a mermaid and luring sailors to their deaths.

Jill is the editor and primary architect of the Signal, and the captain of this crew. She is also an author, classical composer and has been known to write and perform in a prog rock band. For a long time, her home was a disguised as a vending machine in Victoria coach station, England. Then - disaster - a freak tornado rendered the gyroscopic stabiliser unusable. Stranded in what at the time seemed to be the twentieth century, although it later turned out to have been the twenty first, she had no choice but to settle down and try to take over the world.

Oh, and here's some of my music: [Dreams of the Seventh Star] [Merci, Mon Amie] [Entelechy]

Kari Haley
Host and Voice Talent

Kari grew up as a typical Army brat - born in Utah and spending the next sixteen years of her life in Alabama, Colorado, Kansas, and Oklahoma. The bug to move every three to four years has become an ingrained personality trait and since graduating from college, she has lived in Mississippi, again in Colorado, Oregon, California, and finally back to Oregon. She currently works as a lab rat for a large-ish biotech company in Eugene, Oregon. In her spare time, she enjoys computer and board games, reading, sewing, hanging out on the beach, watching movies, and yoga.

Kari became aware of Firefly through a couple of co-workers who were HUGE Buffy and Angel fans. Unfortunately, due to the Fox Network's creative scheduling, she managed to miss every single episode. Several years later, while hanging out with some friends, she was introduced to the phenomenon that is Firefly . Instantly hooked, she borrowed her friendís DVDs, watched the remainder of the episodes, returned the DVDs and bought her own. She currently owns two sets of DVDs because she refuses to be at home without them.

Kariís involvement with The Signal began just before the release of the first show. Having been friends with Les for the past year or two (itís kinda fuzzy), she instantly volunteered to help in any way she possibly could as soon as she found out what was going on. Somehow, she became a host and has been loving every minute of the process.

Miranda Thomas
Editor and Voice talent

Miranda is living the high life in the northern part of Kentucky. Yes, she wears shoes and no, she doesn't have a southern twang. Though she does admit to saying y'all when the mood strikes.

Never a Buffy or Angel fan, Miranda came to love Firefly before she knew it was a Joss Whedon creation, even before it aired for the first time. After picking up her Fall Preview guide, as she does every year, this futuristic western style show caught her eye. That plus the fact that it was to air just before a show that she would be taping anyway, made her one of the fans who could honestly say they were there from the very beginning.

Miranda spends her limited free time reading fiction novels and waiting impatiently for the newest installments of her favorite television shows (Heroes, LOST, & Chuck). She is extremely grateful to have been included in podcast production and to be a part of the fantastic Browncoat community.

You can also listen to Miranda as co-host on another Firefly and Serenity podcast FireflyTalk or on The 9th - A Heroes Podcast

Jenn Baldwin

Jenn has lived all of her 35 years in Indiana. Living in a small town which no one has ever heard of for most of her life. Currently, she still lives there with her husband of 11 years Duane, her two children Steven, 8 and Gage, 5. Plus a whole group of cats which can now be called a herd (Dakota, Bogart, Madison, ToJo and Albus).

Jenn attended Ball State University where she majored in History. After graduation, she held down several jobs, but found her niche in the newspaper business. Currently, Jenn works as the editor of a local newspaper and enjoys writing every week in some shape or form.

A late comer to Firefly, it wasn't until her husband forced her to see the movie Serenity, that everything broke loose. From then on, it was Firefly insanity at her home and to this day, Jenn enjoys watching the DVDs with her children, who now sing Mal's Song religiously in the car.

When not obsessing over Firefly, Jenn enjoys a good Star Wars obsession which includes writing on several RPG groups. She also enjoys spending time at home and playing video games (when the kids aren't hogging it.).

Dave Tomasic

Dave and his wife, Patti, of thirty-one years live in a rural setting of southwestern Pennsylvania in the USA. As a high school teacher, he has taught chemistry and physical sciences for thirty-six years while at the same time becoming heavily involved with technology in education. Now, Dave primarily acts as a technology integrator and science department chairman for his district. A childhood interest in aviation fostered a simultaneous career as a charter pilot and flight instructor that have lasted for over thirty years. With formal training in event photography and portraiture, Dave has recently retired from twenty-two years as a principle photographer for a local studio. Restoring classic cars is a hobby with the latest project being an E Type Jaguar.

Joining the crew for Season 6, Dave may well be the oldest member

Anna Snyder
Writer and Voice Talent

Anna has been the fortunate recipient of a traveling education. She spent the first twelve years of her life in California and then struck out for warmer climes on Okinawa. When she was fifteen she spent a few years in Rota, Spain, where she graduated from high school on a little Naval base located there. She moved to Oregon in 1992 and has spent most of the last 16 years there, save a brief stint at CSU, Sacramento working on her MA in Sociology.

Anna came to Firefly through Serenity at the first CSTS Screening in 2006. She was so impressed with the show, the movie, and the fans, that she got involved in Portland's 2007 screening and then did PR for the 2008 screening. Her work with the PDX Browncoats continues and she has made some amazing friends.

When Anna is not thinking about CSTS, planning PR for CSTS, working, or playing The Sims 2, she is catching up on Buffy and Angel and preparing for The Sims 3.

Jutta Jordans

Helen Eaton
Writer and Voice Talent

Helen is originally from Devon in the UK, but lives in Tanzania, where she is a linguist in a Bible translation and language development project. As a Christian with degrees in linguistics, this means that she is pretty much doing her dream job. (If you want to know what it involves, check out her website.)

Firefly initially passed Helen by entirely, as she was living in a remote Tanzanian village without a phone or mains electricity when the show first aired. But a chance meeting with a Browncoat at a linguistics conference in Austria a couple of years later led her to the 'verse and she hasn't looked back since. Keeping up with the fandom from Tanzania isnít easy, but thanks to the internet, The Signal really does go everywhere.

As well as Firefly, Helen is a big fan of Battlestar Galactica and Doctor Who, and probably would be an avid watcher of many more television shows if she actually had a television. But DVDs keep her sane and while waiting for them to come out, she relies on books for her science fiction fix. She enjoys all kinds of science fiction, just so long as it makes her think or laugh, or, ideally, both at the same time. Her favourite writers include C.S. Lewis, Douglas Adams and, of course, Joss Whedon.

Kara Helgren
Writer and Editor

Kara has lived on both coasts, although most has been spent on the west coast in the wonderful state of Oregon. While living in Massachusetts she gave historic tours at the Witch House in the city of Salem. She has a BA in History and English Lit.

Kara found Firefly through a review of the movie Serenity back in 2005. She's been an addict ever since.

When not working on Portland's Can't Stop the Serenity events or hanging out with the PDX Browncoats or going to cons, she spends her time listening to podcasts, reading, writing, running, and biking.

Les Howard
Host and Tech Geek

Les is a long-haired occasionally-utilikilt-wearing computer geek. He was born in New Jersey and lived there & in Massachusetts untill the age of 18 when he moved to Georgia to go to college and has lived there ever since. He is currently living in the Atlanta area with his wife of 10 years and their three cats Mulder, Leeloo & Petaline. He likes to play MMOs with his wife and friends.

He learned about Firefly from an item on Slashdot. He started watching Firefly with the airing of Bushwhacked on Fox and was hooked by Our Mrs. Reynolds (the third episode in air-order). He participated in some of the early postcard campaigns to write Fox and the sponsors to support Firefly, and a little later to try and get SciFi to pick it up.

He is a professional software engineer and have been using Perl as hi primary development language for the last 7 years or so. He has a background in information security (CISSP) and in Unix admin (he has been using Linux since the 0.99pl12 kernel) & networking. He is currently employed by a large bank in the field of quantitative finance.

Current podcast subscription list: 7th Son: Book One - Descent - A Podiobooks.com production, A Brobdingnagian Minute, A Way with Words, alt.NPR: Press Start, Cat Lovers Podcast, CBC Radio: Quirks & Quarks Segmented Show, Celtic Music News Podcast, Chess Is Cool Podcast with Alexandra Kosteniuk, Distributing the Future, DragonHearth, Earthcore - A Podiobooks.com production, Engines Of Our Ingenuity, Escape Pod, Firefly Talk, FOO Casts: Podcasts from O'Reilly and Friends, Freakin Funny Music, Geek Fu Action Grip, Great Big Sea Podcast, How to Succeed in Evil, Intellectual Icebergs, Irish and Celtic Music Podcast, IT Conversations, iTom: Tom Smith's Song A Week, Jonathan Coulton, Lullabot - audiocast, MAKE Magazine, Manic Mondays, Marc Gunn's PUB SONGS PODCAST, NPR: 7PM ET News Summary, NPR: Driveway Moments, NPR: Station Showcase with PRX, NPR: Wait Wait... Don't Tell Me!, Perlcast, Pirate Comedy Show Downloadable Audio File Show, Renaissance Festival Podcast, Rencast - Renaissance Festivals and Faires, Skepticality - Science and Skeptic Thought, Slacker Astronomy, Slice of Scifi - Science Fiction TV & Movie News, Interviews & more, Tales from the 'Verse, The Instance: World of Warcraft Podcast!, The Seanachai, The Signal, Thing a Week, - This Week in Science - The Kickass Science Podcast - & Variant Frequencies Podcast.

James Parkinson
Voice Talent

James is an eighth grade science teacher who hales from Southern California via Michigan. A self-styled science geek, James is never happier than when he is blowing something up in the service of educating his students. Never, that is, except when he is able to spend time with his wife, Carolyn, away from the concerns of either of their jobs.

James has been a fan of the 'verse since its television days and somewhat annoyed his then fiancťe when he spent the money to by the DVDs. Money was a little tight then. He has since had the great pleasure to see her hooked on the series, so much so that she started writing for some podcast or other just so that she could spread the word to the masses.

James spends the small amounts of freetime that he calls his own playing poker, reading science fiction novels, assistant coaching for his schools Science Olympiad team, and lately, thanks to his wife, reading unhealthy amounts of Firefly Fanfic.

Andy King
Editor and Voice Talent

Andy, (aka verseandy), lives with his family in the UK and works in IT for a large American car company, the one with a fondness for blue ovals...

He missed Firefly and then Serenity the first time around but following a recommendation, a review on Amazon and a whim, purchased the box set and BDM and watched them as quickly as life permitted. He was hooked. He finally got to see the BDM on the big screen at a CSTS screening in Warwick in 2008 where he met Nick and the Sending a Wave crew.

Away from The Signal Andy is the Assistant Producer for Upside Down and Halfway to Happyland, co-host for an internal work podcast, and member of the SFX crew on Buffy and Angel Between the Lines, BBtLS, ABtLS. He also does occasionally voice work on various different podcasts.

More recently Andy and a friend from Between the Lines have launched their own podcast, the Being Human Cast.

Andy, listens to many different podcasts on his daily commute, and enjoys most sci-fi genre shows; some still on air others on DVD. Some of his favourites including Babylon 5, BSG, Red Dwarf, Being Human, Dr Who, and obviously the works of Joss Whedon...

Honorary Crew

A lot of people have helped with the Signal in the past, or continue to help behind the scenes. These are our honorary crew

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